our story

We first opened our doors in February of 2012, and those "doors" led into the 550 square foot studio apartment on Manhattan's east side where Cantine's catering business got its start. After a brief, successful, (and painful) stint cooking daily meals for 20+ guests off of a 20-inch stove, we migrated north to Hot Bread Kitchen to join the HBK Incubates program.


In the early (and very chilly part of) 2015, we migrated across the east river to Columbia Street, sharing space with neighborhood institution, Margaret Palca, and soon fell in love with this wonderful little corner of Brooklyn. 


In June 2016, we realized our dream of bringing together our two greatest loves - people and food - in an even more ‘everyday’ kind of way, and expanded to open our first cafe location in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens neighborhood.


alexandra sagol


Growing up in a Mediterranean family, cooking and entertaining was always a central part of Alexandra’s life. After a decade in advertising and marketing and one too many presentations accompanied by turkey-American cheese wraps, Alex launched Cantine with the goal of improving the meal experience in the corporate world.



eric zawacki



Chef Eric Zawacki is a graduate of the acclaimed French Culinary Institute in New York City – trained with a foundation of classic French technique, but versed in cuisine and culinary trends from across the globe. Eric has years of experience in NYC restaurants, event catering and personal chef work. Prior to joining Cantine he spent two years helping run kitchens in the burgeoning Brooklyn restaurant scene.


kate snider



Pastry Chef Kate Snider joined the Cantine team just weeks prior to opening the cafe. After realizing that she could pay her rent by crafting treats from butter, sugar, and flour, Kate immersed herself in pastry. With a few years of working the New York food scene, learning bread baking, dessert plating, and scone making from seasoned chefs, she went on to spearhead the pastry program at Copperhill, a top-rated Long Island restaurant. With experience in both bakeries and fine dining establishments, Kate brings an approach that combines the two—simple pastries with thoughtful execution.